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Snakenberg's Family Farm 

   My husband and I have a small hobby farm located in northern Minnesota. We enjoy spending time with our 2 children and numerous animals. I was very excited to add a pair of goldendoodles to our happy family hobby farm and took the decision to breed them very serious. I spent a lot of time to research prior to making the choice.   Shortly after I decided this my mother-in-law, Sue Fieirabend of Furrie Little Friends, decided to retire from breeding Pomeranians. She hated the idea of splitting them up. Well, one thing led to another and now we have expanded before we had a chance to begin. My husband and I are very excited to begin this next adventure. Our goal is to create a happy, loving home for our dogs. Our dogs are our pets and part of our family. They spend their days running and playing on our spacious property and getting lots of love and attention (and barking at our other animals). 

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